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Table 2 Hazard ratios (HR) for all cause mortality from Cox models, for Mediterranean diet score (MDS) and physical activity (PA)a

From: Sustained adherence to a Mediterranean diet and physical activity on all-cause mortality in the Melbourne Collaborative Cohort Study: application of the g-formula

 Mediterranean Diet ScorebPhysical Activity Scorec
Single time-point exposure (at T1)
 LowRef   Ref   
 Medium0.90(0.82,1.00)0.0510.84(0.76,0.92)< 0.001
 High0.89(0.77,1.01)0.0780.78(0.68,0.88)< 0.001
+ adjusting for previous MDS & PA (T0)
 LowRef   Ref   
Time-updated MDS & PA
 LowRef   Ref   
 Medium0.87(0.78,0.96)0.0050.74(0.66,0.83)< 0.001
 High0.79(0.69,0.90)0.0010.69(0.61,0.79)< 0.001
+ adjusting for previous MDS & PA
 LowRef   Ref   
 Medium0.88(0.79,0.97)0.0120.75(0.67,0.84)< 0.001
 High0.81(0.70,0.93)0.0030.71(0.62,0.81)< 0.001
  1. aMissing data were handled using multiple imputation. Study baseline is T1 (1995–1999), Initial cohort (MCCS) recruitment is T0 (1990–1994). bMDS groups: low (scores 0–3), medium (4–5) and high (6–9); cPhysical activity groups: low (e.g. walking twice a week or less), medium (e.g. jogging twice a week), high (e.g. running three or more times a week)