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Table 2 Share of respondents in each dimension (5D) and level (3 L), and frequency of reported problems, non-age standardized; VAS-mean of the study

From: Investigating the sociodemographic profile and health-related outcomes of chronically ill homeopathic patients: results from an observational multi-centered study in Bulgaria

Level of problem (3L)MobilitySelf-careUsual activitiesPain/ discomfortAnxiety/ depressionVAS
No problem17984.820496.717482.57636.96530.8 
Some problem3215.273.33617.113262.613363.0 
Extreme problem000010.531.4136.2 
Mean state of health - VAS          75
Other studies (share of respondents with problems, for comparison reasons)
 All EQ-5D-3L 16.6 4.5 14.6 37 24.678
 EQ-5D-3L-Europe 17.1 4.9 14.6 37.9 24.777
 EQ-5D-3L-Bulgaria 34.2 23.3 28.7 57.3 56.870