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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria applied to the selection of participants

From: A health care labyrinth: perspectives of caregivers on the journey to accessing timely cancer diagnosis and treatment for children in India

Inclusion criteria:
 • Children diagnosed with cancers before the age of 18 years
 • Diagnosed children who commenced first line treatment (curative or palliative intent) at the participating treating hospital, no more than one month prior to date of recruitment
 • Children residing in India at the time of onset of symptoms and have not travelled outside India to seek care
 • Children who have a caregiver present at the time of the interview
 • Caregivers who can speak the local language or a language known to the interviewers (Hindi, English, Urdu, Telugu)
Exclusion criteria:
 • Non-malignant haematological conditions like thalassemia, haemophilia
 • Those who have presented with relapse during/after treatment