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Table 3 Knowledge of the tax on sugar-sweetened beverages, changes in consumption, and reasons for the change reported by the 455 participants in the post-tax sample (2018) in low-income neighbourhoods of Barcelona

From: Impact of an excise tax on the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages in young people living in poorer neighbourhoods of Catalonia, Spain: a difference in differences study

 N (%)
Knows of the existence of the tax407 (83.4%)
Reports change in consumptiona152 (37.3%)
Direction of change in consumption b
 Reduction in consumption117 (77.0%)
 Replacement by untaxed beverages9 (5.9%)
 Replacement by own-brand beverages12 (7.9%)
 A combination of the above14 (9.2%)
Reason for change in consumption b
 Increase in price102 (67.1%)
 Health awareness34 (22.4%)
 Increase in price and health awareness12 (7.9%)
 Others4 (2.6%)
  1. a Percentage calculated with respect to the 407 participants who knew of the existence of the tax
  2. b Percentage of the 152 participants who reported having changed their consumption of beverages as a result of the tax’s introduction