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Table 3 Primary and secondary outcomes for the randomized controlled trial at baseline (n = 742)

From: Healthy Options: study protocol and baseline characteristics for a cluster randomized controlled trial of group psychotherapy for perinatal women living with HIV and depression in Tanzania

n = 347
n = 395
Depression (possible range 1–27; mean, SD)a11.6 (3.0)11.3 (3.2)
Any intimate partner violenceb53 (17.4%)59 (16.3%)
Social support scale (range 1–4; mean, SD)c3.0 (0.7)2.9 (0.7)
Self-efficacy scale (range 1–4; mean, SD)c3.1 (0.6)3.1 (0.8)
Hope scale (range 1–4; mean, SD)c3.5 (0.4)3.5 (0.4)
HIV-related stigma scale (range 1–5; mean, SD)d,e2.2 (0.7)2.0 (0.7)
Missed one or more days of ART in past 4 days44 (13.3%)58 (14.7%)
  1. the N for individual questions may differ from the overall N due to question non-response or, where noted, due to eligibility to answer the question
  2. aLower values are better; women were screened prior to enrollment and eligible if their score on the screening survey was 9 or higher
  3. b659 women (305 in control facilities and 363 in intervention facilities) reported being in an intimate partner relationship and/or chose to answer this question
  4. cHigher values are better
  5. dLower values are better
  6. e548 women reported disclosing their HIV status to anyone; n for this scale is 484