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Table 2 Characteristics of afterschool staff in the Out-of-School Time Nutrition and Physical Activity Intervention 2016–2017 scale up, by training arm (N = 51)a

From: Assessing the effectiveness of training models for national scale-up of an evidence-based nutrition and physical activity intervention: a group randomized trial

 In person (N = 19)Online (N = 13)Control (N = 19)
Age (Mean, SD)30.9 (12.5)30.0 (13.2)33.7 (12.8)
Women (N, %)14 (74%)8 (61.5%)14 (77.8%)
Race/ethnicity (%)
 Black or African American36.8%15.4%36.8%
 Hispanic or Latino21.1%30.8%15.8%
Highest level of education (%)
 High school15.8%8.3%21.1%
 Some college/Associates47.4%50.0%57.9%
 Graduate school or higher0.0%8.3%5.3%
Years of experience (Mean, SD)4.7 (6.3)4.2 (2.6)4.6 (5.6)
  1. aFull survey data missing from two longitudinal sites, one control site missing gender data and one online site missing education data