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Table 3 Indirect effects of income through other variables on life satisfaction

From: A life satisfaction approach to valuing the impact of health behaviours on subjective well-being

 Income coefficient (95% CI)Change in income coefficient
Full model0.09 (0.06,0.11)a 
Variable droppedb
 Mental health status0.13 (0.10, 0.15)0.04
 Health status0.12 (0.10, 0.15)0.03
 Marital status0.14 (0.12, 0.16)0.05
 Urban/rural residence0.08 (0.06, 0.11)−0.01
 Home ownership0.11 (0.09, 0.13)0.04
 Province of residence0.08 (0.06, 0.10)−0.01
Total indirect effect 0.14
  1. Indirect effect of income on life satisfaction was analysed by mediation analysis
  2. aIncome coefficient was obtained from the full life satisfaction model in Table 2
  3. bIncome coefficient was obtained after one variable was dropped from the full model through mediation analysis