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Table 2 Comparison of different fitting indices on hypothetical model and adjusted model

From: Moderating role of job satisfaction on turnover intention and burnout among workers in primary care institutions: a cross-sectional study

Fit indexχ2 aχ2/df bGFI cAGF dCFI eNFI fIFI gTLI hRMSEA iAIC j
Optimum model2–5> 0.90> 0.90> 0.90> 0.90> 0.90> 0.90< 0.05
Hypothetical model9695.14327.9400.6000.5330.8010.7960.8020.7840.1409813.143
Adjusted model1157.0595.5900.9320.9010.9770.9730.9770.9700.0581343.059
  1. Note: a χ2, Chi-square. b χ2/df, Chi-square divided by degree of freedom. c GFI Goodness of fit index, d AGFI Adjusted goodness of fit index, e CFI Comparative fit index, f NFI Normed fit index, g IFI Incremental fit index. h TLI Tucker-Lewis index. I RMSEA Root mean square error for approximation. j AIC Akaike information criterion