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Table 1 The DAGIS logic model of change

From: Development of the DAGIS intervention study: a preschool-based family-involving study promoting preschoolers’ energy balance-related behaviours and self-regulation skills

Inputs Activities Primary outcomes, in adults 2017–2018 Secondary outcomes, in children 2017–2018 Long-term outcomes (for children)
Short term Intermediate
Research personel Preschools Changes:
Norms about screen time & sugary everyday foods and drinks
Changes: Role modelling Excessive screen time diminishes & Physical activity (PA) increases Prevalence of overweight decreases
Funding Group component for parents, preschool personel & children Knowledge, Availability and accessibility Sugary foods and drinks consumption diminishes & Fruit and vegetable consumption increases, changes to less sugary products Wellbeing and learning abilities increases
Attitudes Self-regulation skills strengthens
Materials Home component Motivation, engagement
Collaborators Awareness
Skills and self-efficacy
Social support