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Table 4 Factors associated with consistent condom use (N = 221)

From: Consistent condom use and its predictors among female sexual Partners of People who Inject Drugs in Klang Valley, Malaysia

Socio-demographic characteristics/HIV status/HIV risk behaviourConsistent condom useMultiple logistic regression
Yes (n = 43)No (n = 178)
n%n%P-valueAdjusted odds ratio a (95% CI)
Marital status
 Married to the current partner1711.113688.9< 0.001*Ref
 Not married to the current partner2638.24261.8 4.95 (2.45, 9.99)
Study Location      
 Urban3442.58057.50.007*2.97 (1.30, 6.78)
 Sub-urban99.29890.8 Ref
Age group
 Youth (≤ 25 years)0013100.00.34 
 Young adults (26–35 years)1218.55381.5  
 Middle-aged adults (36–50 years)2220.28779.8  
 Older adults (≥51 years)621.42278.6  
Highest education attainment
 Primary education or less2124.46575.60.14 
 Completed at least secondary education2216.311383.7  
Employment status
 Not working1116.75583.3  
Participants’ HIV status
 Positive642.9857.10.04*3.45 (1.13, 10.5)
 Negative or unknown3717.917082.1 Ref
Partners’ HIV status
 Negative or unknown3718.116781.9  
Used injectable drugs
Involved in sex work
 Yes1041.71458.30.004*3.55 (1.45, 8.67)
 No3316.816483.2 Ref
  1. * Significant at P < 0.05 a Adjusted odds ratio from multiple logistic regression adjusting for marital status, study location, participants’ HIV status, and involvement in sex work Ref = reference group in logistic regression