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Table 3 Additional information on condom use among participants who had ever used a condom (N = 105)

From: Consistent condom use and its predictors among female sexual Partners of People who Inject Drugs in Klang Valley, Malaysia

Additional information on condom usenPercentage (%)
Reason for using condoms
 To avoid pregnancy2321.9
 To avoid STIs including HIV6360.0
 Both of the above reasons1615.2
 Other reasons32.9
Who decides to use condoms?
 The participant5855.2
 Her partner1716.2
 Shared decision by both of them3028.6
Who usually provides condoms?*
 Only the participant7471.2
 Only her partner1817.3
 Both of them1211.5
Where do they normally get their supply of condoms?
 Government clinic1918.1
 Convenience shop21.9
  1. *One participant did not answer the question