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Table 1 Socio-demographics of study participants

From: A case-control study of musculoskeletal impairment: association with socio-economic status, time use and quality of life in post-conflict Myanmar

  Cases (n = 108)Controls (n = 104)Age-Sex adj OR (95% CI)
Female11%11%1.0 (0.4–2.5)
40–5944%44%1.1 (0.5–1.7)
60+14%13%1.0 (0.5–1.7)
Marital StatusMarried64%72%Ref.
Not Married36%28%1.6 (0.9–2.9)
ReligionTheravada Buddhism90%93%1.6 (0.6–4.3)
Kayin12%10%1.3 (0.6–3.2)
Rakhine6%6%1.0 (0.3–3.3)
Other7%5%1.4 (0.4–4.6)
LiteracyReads well77%88%Ref.
Reads a little16%10%1.9 (0.8–4.5)
Does not read at all7%3%3.1 (0.8–12.1)
Employment statusIn the field only5%36%0.3 (0.1–0.8)
Job other than in the field26%%59%Ref.
No job and no work in the field69%6%27.4 (10.6–70.7)
Head of householdYes57%74%Ref.
No43%26%3.7 (1.7–8.0)
  1. ¤Denotes reference group in odds ratio calculation throughout