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Table 3 Results of regression analysis regarding the association of social capita with physical health (PCS) and mental health (MCS) dimensions of pregnant women’s quality of life

From: The association between social capital and quality of life among a sample of Iranian pregnant women

ModelUnstandardized Coefficients Sig.95.0% Confidence Interval for B 
BStd. Error Lower BoundUpper Bound
Social CapitaMCS-QOL 
Unadjusted Model.438.103 <.0010.2350.641 
Adjusted Modela.407.099 <.0010.2120.602 
Intercept42.3557.070 <.00128.42656.284 
\( {\hat{\upsigma}}_{\mathrm{st}}^2 \) (pregnant women)395.43436.098 <.001324.314466.554 
\( {\hat{\sigma}}_{sc}^2 \) (centres)22.14316.381 0.174−10.13154.417 
Unadjusted Model.399.106 <.0010.1900.608 
Adjusted Modela.366.100 <.0010.1690.563 
Intercept66.03812.578 <.00141.25790.819 
\( {\hat{\upsigma}}_{\mathrm{st}}^2 \) (pregnant women)353.84132.301 <.001290.200417.479 
\( {\hat{\sigma}}_{sc}^2 \) (centres)12.6389.247 0.172−5.58030.856 
  1. aAdjusted for demographic and obstetric characteristics