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Table 2 Summary of multifaceted strategies within “Community” level

From: Interventions targeting hypertension and diabetes mellitus at community and primary healthcare level in low- and middle-income countries:a scoping review

Study detailDiseaseMobilize / coordinateRaise awarenessComplem. servicesLeadership & support
Balagopal, 2008 [178]DMXX X
Bui, 2014 [177]DMX  X
Chamie, 2012 [179]BothX  X
dePue, 2013 [180]DM XXX
Getpreechaswas, 2007 [181]HTNXX X
Jafar, 2010 [148]HTN X X
Jawa, 2016 [182]DM X X
Khabala, 2015 [183]BothX  X
Kotwani, 2014 [185]HTNXXX 
Micikas, 2015 [184]DM XXX