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Table 1 Distribution of all 54 included studies, by NCNP type, country and age grouping. Three studies reported more than one NCNP, and so are counted twice in this table, hence the overall total of 57. Blank cells indicate no studies

From: Potential for non-combustible nicotine products to reduce socioeconomic inequalities in smoking: a systematic review and synthesis of best available evidence

 E-cigarettesSmokeless tobaccoNRTTotal
Best EvidenceOtherBest EvidenceOtherBest EvidenceOther
US58 + 1(YP)137 + 3(YP) 138
Australia    1 1
Canada 1(YP)   12
Ireland 1(YP)    1
Italy 1    1
Finland 1(YP)    1
France 1(YP)    1
Norway  1 + 2(YP)2(YP)  5
Sweden  2   2
Switzerland 1 1(YP)  2
UK2   1 3
Total Adults7101672244
Total Young People05260013