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Table 7 Teachers’ satisfaction with toilet facilities at endline among teachers at intervention and control schools

From: The impact of an operation and management intervention on toilet usability in schools in the Philippines: a cluster randomised controlled trial

Percent of respondents satisfied with …ControlInterventionRR (CI)(p-value)
Conditions of children’s toilets37%45%1.2 (0.67–2.09)p = 0.522
Cleanliness of children’s toilets32%42%1.3 (0.66–2.59)p = 0.442
Responsibilities for how cleaning is assigned45%55%1.2 (0.72–2.07)p = 0.453
Materials available for cleaning toilets23%75%2.3 (1.36–3.91)p = 0.002
Children’s behaviour when using toilets20%30%1.5 (0.42–5.42)p = 0.536
Availability of toilets for children82%97%1.2 (1.04–1.35)p = 0.014
Possibility for children to flush toilets37%70%1.9 (1.12–3.10)p = 0.016
Availability of materials for anal cleansing42%87%2.1 (1.35–3.14)p = 0.001
Availability of materials for HWWS45%90%2.0 (1.35–2.95)p < 0.001
Privacy of children’s toilets67%87%1.3 (1.06–1.59)p = 0.013