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Table 1 Toilet Usability Index (TUX) questions and response options mapped against SDG core questions on school sanitation

From: The impact of an operation and management intervention on toilet usability in schools in the Philippines: a cluster randomised controlled trial

AttributeTUX QuestionsaResponseSDG core question codeb
Accessible: children can access the toilet whenever they need toIs the door locked to students?y/nS2
Is this toilet accessible to intended users?y/nS2
Is the key available to children at all times?y/nS2
Functional: children can flush the toiletHow is water supplied to this toilet?No water available/ bucket and dipper/ piped waterS2
Is the toilet bowl broken?y/nS2
Is the toilet hole blocked?y/nS2
Are the walls and roof stable/ no large cracksy/nS2
Private: children can use the toilet without concern of being walked in on or seenIs it possible to see inside the toilet compartment from outside (e.g. large cracks or holes in wall)y/nS2
Does the toilet cubicle have a door or a curtain?no/ curtain only/ doorS2
Does the door close completelyy/nS2
Does the door lock from inside?y/nS2
High Quality:Is there excess mud inside the toilet cubicle?A lot/ some/ noneXS5
Is there any litter inside the toilet cubicle?A lot/ some/ noneXS5
Are there any traces of faeces in the toilet bowl?A lot/ some/ noneXS5
Is there a strong or unbearable odour inside or outside the toilet?A lot/ some/ noneXS5
Are there visible traces of faeces inside the cubicle (including the walls, floors and slab)?A lot/ some/ noneXS5
Is there a puddle of stagnant water or urine inside the cubicle?A lot/ some/ noneXS5
How many flies are there inside the cubicle?A lot/ some/ noneXS5
Is there adequate lighting inside the cubicle?A lot/ some/ noneXS11
Is there means for girls to wash themselves inside the toilet cubicle?y/n/ not applicable (boy’s toilet)XS1
Are there garbage disposal bins available?Yes, with a lid/
Yes, but no lid/
Is there adequate ventilation in the toilet cubicle?y/nXS5
Is there anal cleansing material available?
NOTE: Only say yes if there is: EITHER [water and a dipper] OR[a hose] OR [a tap] OR [toilet paper]
  1. aItems in italics were not included in final analysis (see Methods for details)
  2. bCode corresponds to SDG core questions for monitoring WinS [8]