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Table 2 Univariate and multivariate Cox semiparametric regression analysis of risk predictors of rubella IgG protective antibody survival

From: Immunity to rubella: an Italian retrospective cohort study

DeterminantUnivariate Cox regressionMultivariate Cox regression modela
 • female1.01.0
 • male1.8(1.3–2.4)1.7(1.2–2.3)
Age at enrollment (years)0.96(0.90–1.02)  
Age at the time of first MMR vaccine
 • <2 years1.0  
 • ≥2 years1.04(0.74–1.47)  
Age at the time of second MMR vaccine (years)1.2(1.1–1.3)  
  1. HR hazard ratio, aHR adjusted hazard ratio
  2. aStratified by age at the time of second dose of MMR vaccine