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Table 2 BCTs included with special recommendations

From: Using theory of change to develop an intervention theory for designing and evaluating behavior change SDApps for healthy eating and physical exercise: the OCAPREV theory

BCTs with special recommendations made about their feasibility and SHIs 1.1 Goal setting (behavior), 1.3 Goal setting (outcome), 1.5 Review behavior goal(s), 1.7 Review outcome goal(s), 1.9 Commitment
2.2 Feedback on behaviour, 2.3 Self-monitoring of behaviour, 2.4 Self-monitoring of outcome(s) of behaviour
3.1 Social support (unspecified), 3.2 Social support (practical)
4.1 Instruction on how to perform the behavior
6.2 Social comparison, 6.3 Information about others’ approval
7.1 Prompts/cues, 7.3 Reduce prompts/cues, 7.5 Remove aversive stimulus, 7.7 Exposure
8.2 Behavior substitution