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Table 3 Bivariate and multivariable logistic regression for factors associated with willingness to participate in HIV vaccine trial, WTP

From: Recruitment using respondent driven sampling, risk behaviors assessment and willingness of young female sex workers (18–25 years) in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania to participate in HIV vaccine trials

FactorsWTPCrude OR
(95% CI)
P valueAdjusted OR
(95% CI)
P value
n (column%)
Need to ask permission from sex agent for participation in HIV vaccine trial
 No412(76%)1 1 
Participation in HIV vaccine trials may affect relationship with clients
 No319(59%)1 1 
Influence of client during participation in HIV vaccine trial
 No455(83%)1 1 
Having income apart from selling sex
 No475(87%)1 1 
  1. 1Bivariate analysis between all independent variables and willingness to participate in efficacy HIV vaccine trial was done. Only few variables with significance level at p ≤ 0.25 were included in multivariable analysis