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Table 2 Frequency distribution of sexual behaviors among young female sex workers in Dar es Salaam

From: Recruitment using respondent driven sampling, risk behaviors assessment and willingness of young female sex workers (18–25 years) in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania to participate in HIV vaccine trials

VariablesWeighted frequency %nN
(95 CI %)
Alcohol Intake  600
Alcohol intake during sex  490
Have ever used illicit drugs
Have had anal sex
Have had unprotected sex with an irregular client
Having an agent for soliciting sex clients
Having income apart from selling sex  599
Age when started to use illicit drugs for the first time  118
 10–14 years14(0.08–0.21)15 
 15–19 years61(0.51–0.72)74 
 20–25 years25(0.16–0.33)29 
Age at 1st sexual intercourse
 ≤ 14 years26.4(0.23–0.30)157593
 > 14 years73.6(0.70–0.77)436 
Reported number of lifetime sex partners
 ≤ 2011(0.09–0.14)65600
 > 2089(0.86–0.91)535 
Number of sexual clients at last day of business
 ≤ 570(0.66–0.73)407600
 > 530(0.27–0.34)193 
Period of using illicit drugs in life time
 ≤ 24 months14.5(0.11–0.17)89600
 > 24 months85.5(0.83–0.89)511 
Age when started selling sex
 10–14 years9(0.83–0.89)54600
 15–19 years80(0.77–0.83)480 
 More than 20 years11(0.09–0.14)66