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Table 1 Sociodemographic characteristics of actors in the networks (N = 220)

From: Innovation diffusion: how homogenous networks influence the uptake of community-based injectable contraceptives

VariableEgos (N = 20)Alters (N = 200)Total
Age group
 < 30525.07738.58237.3
 ≥ 301575.012361.513862.7
Marital status
Highest level of education
 No formal education315.05326.55625.5
 Primary or secondary education1260.010954.512155.0
 Tertiary education525.03819.04319.5
 Formal occupations630.04623.05223.6
Marriage type  (N = 196)(N = 216)
Use of contraceptives/family planning
Use of CBD injectable contraceptives
  1. aOthers include Igbo, Tangale, Tera, Waja