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Table 2 Overview of topics

From: Preventing adolescent sexual harassment: evaluating the planning process in two school-based interventions using the Intervention Mapping framework

IM Step 1: logic model of the problem
1 What was the reason for developing the program?
2 What was the base for the development of the program?
2a Who was involved in the early development of the program?
3 On which health problem/health behavior does the program focus?
3a Which factors influence the health problem/health behavior?
3b How was the need for the program determined?
4 For whom is the program intended?
IM Step 2: logic model of change
1 What is the main objective of the program?
1a What are the objectives of the different lessons/parts of the lessons?
2 What change is expected?
2a To what, or to whom?
2b Are the expected changes formulated in terms of outcomes?
IM Step 3: program design
1 Was the target group involved in the compilation of the program or parts of it?
2 On which theory is the intervention, or parts of it, based?
3 Which methods are used in the program and why?
4 Which strategies are used in the program and why?
5 Which materials are used in the program?
IM Step 4: program production
1 Was the target group involved in the design of the program?
2 Were all the objectives that were chosen beforehand included in the program?
3 Were the methods, strategies and materials chosen tested beforehand?
4 To what extent does the program fit specific needs encountered in practice (i.e., at school)?
5 Was the program, or were parts of it, adapted during the program?
IM Step 5: adoption and implementation
1 Were barriers to the implementation of the program envisaged?
2 Was the program implemented in its entirety?
3 To have the desired effect on the students, what is the minimum number of lessons or parts of lessons that need to be performed?
4 Are schools supported in carrying out the program? How?
5 Can the quality of any of the program be guaranteed?
IM Step 6: evaluation
1 Is the program evaluated during and/or at the end of the program?
2 Who is involved in the evaluation?