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Table 1 Overview of the context and content of Benzies & Batchies and Boys

From: Preventing adolescent sexual harassment: evaluating the planning process in two school-based interventions using the Intervention Mapping framework

Intervention Component Duration Content Giver Receiver Setting
Benzies & Batchies Introductory lesson 50 min Letter for teacher Teacher Boys and girls, 12–14 years Classroom
Peer-performed theatre play, followed by group discussion 30 + 60 min Script Peer-educators   Auditorium
Skills and resilience training Three 100–150-min lessons Student workbook Trained social skills instructor   Classroom
Closing lesson 50 min Letter for teacher Teacher   Classroom
Boys Classroom lesson Five 50-min lessons (basic lesson) Box containing: Trained male instructor Boys, 12–14 years Classroom
   - teacher’s manual    
   - DVD    
   - worksheets