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Table 1 Descriptive statistics on family background variables (N = 4688)

From: Becoming obese in young adulthood: the role of career-family pathways in the transition to adulthood for men and women

in sample (%)
Obesity at Age 17 (%)Obesity at
Age 28 (%)
Parental income
 Quartile 118.7919.9340.54
 Quartile 218.9117.5535.66
 Quartile 319.2315.0434.51
 Quartile 419.778.2923.90
Parental education
 Less than high school15.3220.0040.42
 High school diploma31.0616.1036.03
 Some college23.7916.1933.36
 4 year college or more25.459.0323.58
Family structure
 Both biological parents52.1512.2830.27
 1 biological, 1 step parent12.2614.0630.21
 Single parent30.5318.7537.56