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Table 2 Outcomes for simulated populations, summary statistics

From: Measuring and correcting bias in indirect estimates of under-5 mortality in populations affected by HIV/AIDS: a simulation study

VariableMeanStd devMedianMinMax
HIV prevalence, 19900.070.070.0800.22
HIV prevalence, 20000.130.130.0800.40
HIV prevalence, 20100.090.090.0700.24
ART coverage, 200400000
ART coverage, 20080.150.120.1200.39
ART coverage, 20100.420.260.4200.79
ART prevalence, 20050.00060.00110.000100.0057
ART prevalence, 20070.00290.00480.000600.0249
ART prevalence, 20090.00550.00880.001400.0440
Total fertility rate, 20004.911.674.642.866.89
Total fertility rate, 20104.301.654.162.446.18
  1. Notes: Based on 4480 simulated populations. ART coverage is defined as the percent of women with a CD4 count under 200 who are on ART. ART prevalence is defined as the percent of women aged 15–49 who are on ART