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Table 2 Factor loadings for food items/defined food groups that loaded >|0.15| in varimax rotated principal components

From: Dietary patterns of adults and their associations with Sami ethnicity, sociodemographic factors, and lifestyle factors in a rural multiethnic population of northern Norway - the SAMINOR 2 clinical survey

Food groupsDietary patterns
Processed meat/ westernizedFish/traditionalFruit/vegetablesReindeer/traditionalBread and sandwich spreadsSweets and bakery goods
Whole milk (regular or sour/fermented/cultured)
Low-fat/skimmed milk (regular or sour/fermented/cultured)    0.22 
White cheese, full and low fat  0.19 0.29 
Whey cheese, full and low fat    0.170.26
Milk or cream to coffee or tea   0.22  
Full fat and low fat sour cream for fish meals/dishes 0.20    
Yogurt  0.21  0.17
Breakfast cereals  0.29 −0.170.19
Rice porridge     0.38
Other porridge; oatmeal, etc.  0.25   
Coarse/semi coarse bread    0.51 
Crispbread  0.27   
White bread0.16     
Fat as spread on bread (butter, margarine and their blends)    0.20 
Fat as spread on bread (light/olive oil margarine)    0.29 
Bacon, preserved meats (salami, ham, etc.), liver pâté (topping on bread)    0.40−0.17
Mayonnaise-based salads (sandwich spreads/fillings)    0.24 
Vegetables  0.37   
Potatoes 0.20  0.210.17
Fruit and berries  0.36   
Lean fish (filets/steaks) 0.40    
Oily fish, filets/steaks and fish/spreads on bread (smoked/canned) 0.250.23   
Freshwater fish   0.30  
Fish products 0.24    
Shellfish (i.e., prawns/shrimp, crabs, mollusks) 0.21   −0.19
Fish roe/liver 0.37    
Liquid (bottled) cod liver oil      
Seagull eggs or eggs of other seabirds 0.19    
Red meat (beef, pork, and mutton)0.25     
Reindeer meat   0.48  
Game meats (moose meat, grouse, and other game birds)   0.23  
Food made with animal blood   0.37  
Pizza with meat toppings0.39     
Processed meat/meat dishes0.40     
Sauces for fish, meat/pasta dishes0.240.17    
Melted/solid butter/margarine for fish meals/dishes 0.25    
Chicken0.31 0.16   
Pasta and rice0.32     
Soup   0.23  
Eggs0.18    −0.18
Bakery goods     0.38
Sweets, ice cream, chocolate, desserts     0.35
Sugar to coffee and tea   0.21  
Salty snacks0.29     
Water (tap/bottled)  0.34   
Coffee, except boiled   −0.18  
Unfiltered/boiled coffee   0.38  
Squash/lemonade/soft drink containing sugar and without sugar0.21     
Beer/alcopops 0.19−0.16  −0.16
Wine 0.17   −0.19
Liqueur/fortified wine
Liquor/distilled spirits 0.25−0.18   
% of variance explained by each component7.
% of variance explained by 6 components27.9