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Table 2 Pesticide combinations that were routinely mixed by vegetable farmers in Magu district

From: Farmers’ pesticide usage practices in the malaria endemic region of North-Western Tanzania: implications to the control of malaria vectors

Names of pesticides mixed Pesticide groups Chemical group
Farm guard + Sume 1Fungicide + 1Insecticide Pyrethroid + Organophosphate
Shambapowder+ Subachlo + Muparaxone 2Insecticides + Herbicide 2 Pyrethroids + Organochlorine
Farmzeb + Prefenos + Paraquat 1Fungicide+ 1 Insecticide+1Hebicide Carbamate+ Organophosphate+ Organochlorine
Linkmil + Fenkil + Mo-Karatap+ Farmguard 3Insecticides + 1Hebicide 1Carbamate + 2Pyrethroids