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Table 2 List of validated scales included in the self-reported questionnaires according to the UPRIGHT target groups

From: UPRIGHT, a resilience-based intervention to promote mental well-being in schools: study rationale and methodology for a European randomized controlled trial

Outcome Scale Adolescents Families Teachers
Sociodemographic Sociodemographic
Mental well-being WEMWBS-14 [27]
Perceived stress PSS-4 [28]
School resilience NTNU ad hoc scale
Resilience for adolescents READ-28 [29]   
Quality of life Kidscreen-10 [30]   
Bullying, substance use, violence and injuries HBSC sub-scales [31]   
Mental disorder - depression PHQ-9 [32]   
Mental disorder - anxiety GAD-7 [33]   
Resilience for adults RSA-33 [34]  
Cohesion and flexibility FACES IV [35] sub-scales