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Table 3 Interaction relationship between two factors

From: Spatial association between outdoor air pollution and lung cancer incidence in China

Description Interaction
q(X1 ∩ X2) < Min(q(X1), q(X2)) Non-linear weakening
Min(q(X1), q(X2)) < q(X1 ∩ X2) < Max(q(X1), q(X2)) Univariate weakening
q(X1 ∩ X2) > Max(q(X1),q(X2)) Bivariate enhancement
q(X1 ∩ X2) = q(X1) + q(X2) Independent
q(X1 ∩ X2) > q(X1) + q(X2) Non-linear enhancement
  1. Note: q(X1 ∩ X2) represents the q value from the interaction relationship between pollutants X1 and X2