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Table 1 Estimated ideal times for antenatal first visit and antenatal revisit based on consultation times estimated from Tanzania in hours and minutes (hh:mm) [40]

From: Integrating HIV, syphilis, malaria and anaemia point-of-care testing (POCT) for antenatal care at dispensaries in western Kenya: discrete-event simulation modelling of operational impact

ActivityFirst visitRevisit
Welcoming the woman00:0100:01
History taking/updating00:1000:05
Physical exam00:0800:08
Drug administration00:0300:03
Pre-test counselling and set up00:0500:00
Health education and counselling while waiting for POCTs results00:2000:15
Post-test results counselling and treatment00:0200:00
Filling ANC book and register00:0300:03
TOTAL TIME00:5800:36
  1. POCTs point-of-care tests, ANC antenatal care