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Table 2 The results of the administration and delivery cost analyses

From: An integrated health delivery platform, targeting soil-transmitted helminths (STH) and canine mediated human rabies, results in cost savings and increased breadth of treatment for STH in remote communities in Tanzania

Method Cost per dose Cost per vaccination Test
Arm A Arm B Arm A Arm C
Method 1 $0.24 $0.36
Method 1 $4.55 $5.40
Method 2 $0.32 $0.47 t = −2.5, df = 51, p = 0.017
Method 2 $5.65 $6.32 t = −1, df = 56, p = 0.32
  1. The cost per deworming dose and per rabies vaccination for each Arm of the study as calculated by the two different calculation methods is given. Method 1 has calculated the average of a ratio, whilst Method 2 has calculated the ratio of averages (or totals). Method 1 is useful as an aggregate measure over all clinics, but cannot be used to test for statistical differences across clinic categories because it is not calculated on a per clinic basis. Method 2 allows testing for statistical differences across clinic types, but represents a summary statistic for clinic-level cost per dose measure rather than an aggregate measure. The result of the statistical analysis of Method 2 is given