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Table 5 Analysis of different average consumption groups of study participants and their thoughts about the reasons for energy drink popularity, suitable energy drink replacements, and whether they attempted to quit drinking energy drinks

From: Energy drinks and population health: consumption pattern and adverse effects among Saudi population

 Daily>1 WeeklyOnce Weekly1-3 Times MonthlyTotalChi (X2)
(n)(%)(n)(%)(n)(%)(n)(%)(n)(%)p Value
Popularity of Energy Drinks Is Due to:          19.66
 Invigorating Effect6645.85738.03940.213233.729437.50.0032*
 Popularity among Athletes2013.93020.02121.65213.312315.7 
 Intense Media Commercials5840.36342.03738.120853.136646.7 
Suitable Replacement for Energy Drinks          37.10
 Natural Herbs3625.02718.01515.511027.418823.7 
Attempts to Quit Energy Drinks          17.55