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Table 2 Distribution of energy drink consumption pattern among study participants

From: Energy drinks and population health: consumption pattern and adverse effects among Saudi population

CharacteristicsNumber of Subjects (n)Percentage (%)
Average Consumption of Energy Drinks
 More than Once Weekly15018.9
 Once Weekly9712.2
 1-3 Times Monthly40250.7
Energy Drinks Preferred Consumption Time
 In the Morning11114.4
 With Meals20726.8
 At Night15419.9
Activities Related to Energy Drinks Consumption
 Meetings and Celebrations25732.4
 Study Exams27534.7
Preferred Energy Drink Brand
 Red Bull19224.2
 Power Horse10813.6
 Code Red22928.9
 Smart Cola70.9
 Vitamin C9612.1
Reason for Selection of Preferred Brand
 Strong Effect11514.5