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Table 1 Distribution of sociodemographic characteristics of study participants and select health habits

From: Energy drinks and population health: consumption pattern and adverse effects among Saudi population

CharacteristicsNumber of Subjects (n)Percentage (%)
Age Group
 15-18 Years16721.1
 19-25 Years28936.6
 26-40 Years31239.5
 ≥41 Years222.8
Education Level
 Less than High School526.6
 High School Degree23930.4
 University Student21427.3
 Graduate (MS-PhD)425.4
Cigarette Smoking
Sleeps Regularly
Sleep Duration
 5 Hours or less13817.3
 6-8 Hours52966.3
 More than 8 Hours13116.4
Self-Health Awareness
 Good Health60776.6
 Bad Health18523.4