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Table 4 Association between antenatal care attendance and the ownership of insecticide-treated nets among women who experienced a pregnancy outcome in the past year in three districts of Jimma Zone, Ethiopia, 2016

From: Utilization of key preventive measures for pregnancy complications and malaria among women in Jimma Zone, Ethiopia

  Owned a net
N (%)
Did not own a net N (%) P value for the overall difference among the categories Association with owning an ITN univariate analysis
OR (95% CI)
Association with owning an ITN, multivariable analysis
AOR (95% CI) a
ANC attendance
 No 177 (9.8) 420 (21.2) <  0.0001 Reference Reference
 At least once 1625 (90.2) 1562 (78.8) 2.13 (1.68–2.68) 2.07 (1.62–2.63)
  1. Abbreviations: ANC Antenatal care, CI Confidence interval, ITN Insecticide-treated net, OR Odds ratio, AOR Adjusted odds ratio
  2. a Adjusting for main confounders: maternal age, ethnicity, education level, occupation status, wealth, household size and indoor residual spraying
  3. Bold text indicates significant results at the level of p-value <0.05