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Table 3 Classification of exercises performed by formally active (FA) and declared active (DA) groups according to training variables

From: Supervised training in primary care units but not self-directed physical activity lowered cardiovascular risk in Brazilian low-income patients: a controlled trial

 FA (n = 53)DA (n = 43)
Frequency (sessions/week)
  > 310%
Light (Borg 1-3)14%69%
Moderate (Borg 5-6)63%31%
Vigorous (Borg 7-8)23%0%
Time (min)
 30–60 min75%
 60–90 min100%15%
  > 90 min10%
Type (modalities)
  1. Note. aIntensity estimated by means of the Borg CR-10 Scale (0–10), NA not applicable