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Table 2 Perceptions of financial/in-kind support for the HKCC program at the community-level

From: An early implementation assessment of Ontario’s Healthy Kids Community Challenge: results from a survey of key stakeholders

  Yes No Don’t know/ Prefer not to answer
a. Did your community receive extra financial support for HKCC implementation in your community (Local Project Manager responses; n = 83)? 24.2 34.8 42.5
b. Did your organization provide in-kind support for HKCC functions (non-Local Project Manager local steering committee responses; n = 237)? 64.3 16.2 20.0
c. Did your organization contribute additional funding to support HKCC activities (e.g., planning, evaluation) (local steering committee member responses; n = 320)? 36.7 41.0 22.3
  1. Missing responses constituted between 2.5 and 21.7% of the total responses; percentage excluding missing is reported