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Table 1 Most frequently reported tasks undertaken by local steering committee members (including Local Project Managers) for the first HKCC theme

From: An early implementation assessment of Ontario’s Healthy Kids Community Challenge: results from a survey of key stakeholders

What are the three tasks that you spent the most time on as a local steering committee member for the first HKCC theme? (please pick three only) (n = 320) n
a. Planning HKCC initiatives in your community 166
b. Sharing knowledge and expertise (e.g., data or information on consumer behaviours, social marketing expertise) 164
c. Mobilizing and encouraging your community to be involved in the HKCC 154
d. Developing Theme-Based Action Plans 143
e. Participating in local HKCC events in your community 88
f. Providing input into evaluation and data collection 57
g. Planning or conducting community needs assessment 47
h. Negotiating private or public partnerships 32
  1. Participants could select up to three responses