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Table 2 Health service utilization and postpartum family planning counseling by interview

From: Effect of integrating maternal health services and family planning services on postpartum family planning behavior in Ethiopia: results from a longitudinal survey

Seven day follow-up 100.0
 Any ANC 83.6
 4+ ANC 58.7
 PPFP counseling (among women receiving ANC) 56.5
 Facility delivery 52.1
 PNC within 7 days 8.5
 PPFP counseling (among facility delivery or women receiving PNC) 56.5
Six week follow-up
 Any PNC 30.3
 PPFP counseling in PNC 50.2
PPFP counseling at six-weeks  
 No ANC or PNC counseling 43.0
 ANC counseling only 34.7
 PNC counseling only 9.8
 ANC and PNC counseling 12.5
Six-months post-partum
 Any PNC 63.5
 PPFP counseling in PNC 64.8