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Table 2 Perceptions of the health condition, Pearson’s correlations (N = 1484)

From: People with activity limitations’ perceptions of their health condition and their relationships with social participation and experienced autonomy

 IdentityTimeline - chronicTimeline - cyclicalConsequencesPersonal controlTreatment controlCoherence
Timeline - chronic0.10*      
Timeline - cyclical0.24*0.01     
Personal control−0.04−0.15*0.20*−0.17*   
Treatment control−0.07*−0.29*0.12*− 0.30*0.43*  
Coherence−0.18*0.16*−0.22*− 0.16*0.09*0.03 
Emotional representations0.30*0.010.24*0.44*−0.12*−0.09*− 0.49*
  1. *P < .01