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Table 3 EFA (subsample 1) and CFA (subsample 2) of the PRHS

From: Psychometric properties of the European Portuguese version of the Perceived Risk of HIV Scale in the general population and HIV-uninfected partners from sero-different couples

  Factor loadings in EFA Standardized factor loadings in CFA
7. I think my chances of getting infected with HIV are .81 .73
5. I feel vulnerable to HIV infection .75 .68
3. Picturing self getting HIV is something I find .72 .62
1. What is your gut feeling about how likely you are to get infected with HIV? .70 .64
8. Getting HIV is something I have .66 .59
4. I am sure I will NOT get infected with HIVª .62 .42
6. There is a chance, no matter how small, I could get HIV .57 .46
2. I worry about getting infected with HIV .56 .62
Eigenvalue 3.68
  1. EFA Exploratory factor analysis, CFA Confirmatory factor analysis
  2. ª Reversed item