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Table 1 Key themes of breastfeeding promotion education

From: The effectiveness of using a WeChat account to improve exclusive breastfeeding in Huzhu County Qinghai Province, China: protocol for a randomized control trial

CategoryKey themes
Core messages➢ Importance and benefits of exclusive breastfeeding
➢ Early initiation breastfeeding
➢ Cues to start feeding and the signs of infant satisfaction
➢ Breastfeeding on demand
➢ Frequency of breastfeeding
➢ Breastfeeding positions and latching-on
➢ Benefits of breastfeeding
➢ Weaning time
➢ Normal milk supply
➢ Rooming-in
Breastfeeding problems encountered for both mother and child➢ Return to work and breastfeeding
➢ Risks of formula supplements
➢ Specific guidance for women who had cesarean section delivery
➢ Determining adequate intake
➢ Common misunderstandings about breast feeding
Preparation➢ Preparation for breastfeeding
➢ Preparation for starting solid foods at 6 months