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Table 2 Knowledge and gaps in the literature on mental health of physicians in North America

From: A scoping review of the literature on the current mental health status of physicians and physicians-in-training in North America

Current focus in the literature Gaps identified
We have a solid knowledge on mental health status of practicing physicians We need to learn more about the role curricula and program changes have on medical students’ and medical residents’ mental health
Most empirical research focuses on a particular medical specialty We need more research on the mental health status of physicians across different specialties
A substantial amount of literature deals with burnout More research is needed on common mental health concerns, such as depression, anxiety and other conditions that can be perceived as more stigmatizing
Some studies identify the link between gender and mental health concerns in physicians We need more intersectional analyses, including interactions of medical practice with gender, ethnicity, age, and sexual orientation
Most of the existing empirical research is cross-sectional We need more longitudinal studies
Literature proposes a variety of programs and interventions to improve mental wellbeing among physicians We need more research aimed to test the effectiveness of the proposed programs and interventions
We know about the impact that mental health concerns have on physicians’ personal and professional life More research is needed to explore how physicians’ mental wellbeing can enhance quality of care provided to patients