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Table 1 Questionnaire and biological assessments administered to women, children and men in the Anemia Etiology in Ethiopia (AnemEE) survey

From: Anemia prevalence and etiology among women, men, and children in Ethiopia: a study protocol for a national population-based survey

Assessments Women of reproductive age (15–49 years) Childrena (6–59 months) Adult Men (15–49 years)
Education, employment and other sociodemographic characteristics X   X
Water, sanitation and hygiene X   
Household characteristics X   
Food fortification X   
Pregnancy X   
Morbidity in past 2 weeks X X X
Household food sources X   
24 h recall X X X
Food frequency questionnaire X X  
(weight, height, MUAC)
Blood pressure X   X
Hemoglobin X X X
Malaria rapid diagnostic test X X X
Soil-transmitted helminths X X X
Ferritinb X X X
C-reactive proteinb X X X
Folateb X X X
Vitamin B-12b X X X
  1. aquestionnaires completed on behalf of the child by the child’s primary caregiver
  2. bWe will attempt to obtain serum from all men, all children and a subset of women (approximately 50%)