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Table 1 Nine stages of community readiness from the Community Readiness Tool (adapted from Oetting et al. [11])

From: A rural community moves closer to sustainable obesity prevention - an exploration of community readiness pre and post a community-based participatory intervention

Stage # Stage Title Description
1 No awareness Issue is not generally recognized by the community or leaders as a problem (or it may truly not be an issue).
2 Denial/Resistance At least some community members recognize that it is a concern, but there is little recognition that it might be occurring locally and not support to provide resources to address the issue
3 Vague awareness Some feel that there is a local concern, but there is no immediate motivation to do anything about it.
4 Preplanning There is clear recognition that something should be done, and there may even be a group addressing it. However, efforts are not focused or detailed.
5 Preparation Active leaders begin planning in earnest. Community offers modest support of efforts.
6 Initiation Enough information is available to justify efforts. Activities are underway and some resources exist.
7 Stabilisation Activities are supported by community leadership, administrators or community decision makers. Staff are trained and experienced.
8 Expansion/Confirmation Leadership plays a key role, majority of community strongly support action, considerable allocated resources.
9 Community ownership Most community members have considerable and detailed knowledge of efforts, leadership is highly engaged, diversified resources and funds are secured.