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Table 4 Model for logistic regression of parents with major child-rearing problems as predicted by child’s, maternal and family status (N = 1895)

From: Using epidemiological data to identify needs for child-rearing support among Chinese parents: a cross-sectional survey of parents of children aged 6 to 35 months in 15 Chinese cities

 BSEWaldP.OR95% CI
Child’s age-group (base:6 m ~ <1y)
 1y~ <2y0.−1.31
 2y~ <3y−−1.03
Child’s Gender (base: girl)0.300.108.860.001.351.11−1.64
Mother’s Age (base: ≤25y)
 36-40y−0.330.400.690.410.720.33− 1.57
  ≥ 41y−0.290.410.510.480.750.33−1.68
Mother’s Education Level (base: Completed junior high school or less)
 Completed senior high school or technical certificate0.310.−2.39
 University and college degree0.−1.58
 Graduate degree−−1.38
Perinatal Factors (base: no)       
 Cesarean section−−1.17
 Low birth weight0.420.272.330.131.520.89−2.60
Primary Caregivers (base: no)
Family structure (base: Nuclear family)
 Extended family0.220.460.220.641.240.50−3.08
 Single parent family0.220.460.220.641.240.50−3.06
 Single-child family (base: no)0.320.136.330.011.381.07−1.77
 Family’s annual income (base: no)−−1.22
 Unable to meet expenses (base: no)0.340.145.540.021.401.06−1.85
  1. # Model goodness of fit:-2 Likelihood =2329.13, R squared = 0.028. X2 = 38.49, p = 0.02