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Table 1 Timing of DREAM activities and study periods

From: The effect of mild sleep deprivation on diet and eating behaviour in children: protocol for the Daily Rest, Eating, and Activity Monitoring (DREAM) randomized cross-over trial

Study activities Study period
Week 0 Week 1 Week 3 Week 5
Eligibility screen (SDSC) [58] X    
Informed consent   X   
Group allocation   X   
 Sleep restriction/sleep extension    X X
 Sleep extension/sleep restriction    X X
Outcome assessments:
  Actigraphy   X X X
  Height   X   
  Weight   X X X
  EAH (Feeding experiment)    X X
 Food cravings    X X
 Kidscreen [61]    X X
 PROMIS sleep disturbance [62]    X X
 PROMIS sleep impairment [62]    X X
 *Wearable camera    X X
Primary caregiver
  Demographics   X   
  Child food allergy and preferences   X   
  Child Sleep Hygiene [63]   X   
  PROMIS sleep disturbance proxy [62]    X X
  PROMIS sleep impairment proxy [62]    X X
  Child eating behavior (CEBQ) [64]    X X
  Screen time    X X
  Snacks/meals    X X
Child/caregiver dyad
 *Diet recall (in person) [65]    X X
  1. * = these measures are used twice in Weeks 3 and 5