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Table 2 Tools used to measure study outcomes

From: Preventing violence against children in schools (PVACS): protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial of the EmpaTeach behavioural intervention in Nyarugusu refugee camp

Construct Measure
Disability Washington Group Short set [15]
Attitudes towards school violencea From the Good Schools Study [10]
Students only
 PTSDa Child PTSD Symptoms Scale Self Report [16]
 Mental Health Moods and Feelings questionnaire [17]
 Violence from peers Adapted ICAST from the Good Schools Study [10]
 Violence from caregivers Adapted ICAST from the Good Schools Study [10]
 Violence from others Adapted ICAST from the Good Schools Study [10]
 School connectedness From the Good Schools Study [10]
 Engagement with learning Engagement vs. Disaffection with Learning questionnaire [18]
Teachers only
 Teacher PTSD Harvard Trauma Questionnaire (part 1, 4) [19]
 Teacher IPV WHO [20]
  1. aThese will be only administered to children 11 years old and older