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Table 1 Composition of five broad COD groups [16]

From: Estimating the pattern of causes of death in Papua New Guinea

Group Cause (ICD-10 code) ICD-10 code
1. Endemic Infections Malaria [B50-B54]
Diarrhoea/Dysentery [A00-A09]
Pneumonia [J10-J22, J85]
Maternal [O00-O99]
Other infectious diseasesa  
2. Emerging Infections TB [A15–19]
HIV [B20-B24]
Cervical cancer [C53]
3. Endemic NCDs Chronic respiratory diseases [J40-J46]
Leukaemia/Lymphoma [C81-C85; C91-C96]
Cirrhosis [K70–76]
Renal failure [N17-N19]
Breast cancer [C50]
Stomach cancer [C16]
Oesophageal cancer [C15]
Colorectal cancer [C18–21]
Prostate cancer [C61]
Other NCDsa  
Other cancersa  
Other cardiovascular diseasesa  
4. Emerging NCDs Diabetes [E10-E14]
Stroke [I60-I69]
Ischemic heart diseases [I20-I25]
Lung cancer [C34]
5. Injuries Homicide [X85-Y09]
Falls [W00-W19]
Road traffic [V01-V89]
Drowning [W65-W74]
Fires [X00-X19]
Bite of venomous animal [X20–29]
Poisonings [X40–49]
Suicide [X60-X84]
Other injuriesa  
  1. a Calculated as the difference between total deaths within that sub-category and the total of specific causes within that sub-category